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MTP48K1NOX tar pit

1RU, 2X24 Longframe Bay with IDC Rear Panel - Normals Out



Frame: Nickel-plated steel
Bushing: Nickel-plated brass
Tip, Ring and Shunt Springs: Nickel silver with welded contacts
Assembly Screws: Zinc-plated steel
Welded Contacts: Gold alloy


Frame: C.R.S. black epoxy painted
Designation Strips: Black polycarbonate 94V-0
Designation Strip Covers: Clear polycarbonate
Jack Inserts: Thermoplastic polyester


Life: 30,000 cycles
Insertion Force: 7 lbs. maximum
Withdrawal Force: 1 lb. minimum
Operating: 0°C to +50°C


Jack Contact Resistance: 30 milliohms maximum initial
Jack Insulation Resistance: 10,000 megohms maximum
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 500V at 60 Hz AC
Working Voltage: 140 VDC maximum
Current Rating: 100 milliamps

Ordering Information

Part Number Type of Jack No. of Jacks Description
MTP48K1NS MT 48 1.75" High, Normals strapped
MTP48K3NS MT 48 3.5" High, Normals strapped
MTP48K1NO MT 48 1.75" High, Normals brought out
MTP48K3NO MT 48 3.5" High, Normals brought out
MTP48K3SNO MT 48 3.5" High, Sleeve normals out
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