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Utilizing a separate o-ring, Mini Con X® connectors are available up to 4-#16 pins/sockets, 6-#20 pins/sockets, 5-#16 cable end socket and 7&8-#20 cable end sockets, and 9&10-#22 pins/sockets, in addition to mixed contact size options. Two locking options are available, a standard bayonet twist-lock and a spring loaded, Insta-Click™ positive lock. The bayonet locking version is rated to IP67/ IP69K while the Insta-Click is rated to IP68/ IP69K. A special UV resistant material is optional in standard bayonet up to 8 positions and standard for all other options. Conxall offers extensive capabilities for factory molded cables assemblies with minimums as low as 100pcs, a cable builder for instant drawings and quotes for customer-configured cables, and an extensive line of off-the-shelf cables.

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Series: Mini-Con-X refresh
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Notes: 6, 7 and 8 position connectors are only available with #20 contacts.
9 and 10 position connectors are only available with #22 contacts.
PC Tail sizes .280 and .335 are only available in #20 contacts.
The 5-position connector with #16 contacts is only available in cable-end female, panel male, and cable-to-cable male configurations.
The 7 and 8-position connectors with #20 contacts are only available in cable end female, panel male, and cable-to-cable male configurations.
Insta-Click™ connectors are only available in black UV resistant material
Winged coupling nuts are only available on cable-end connectors
Consult factory for optional threaded coupling
Consult factory for custom designed cable assemblies and connectors.

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