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MMVP96K2NT tar pit

MMVP Video Patchbay, 1.5RU, 4x48, normalled, non-terminated

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Switchcraft® introduces the MMVP Series of high density, high definition video patchbays. The design of our micro video jack allows for 48 channels / 96 patchpoints in a 1RU, 19” rack.


All Micro Video Patchbays meet SMPTE 424M specifications utilizing industry standard DIN 1.0 / 2.3 rear terminations.


Built by hand in Chicago, USA.


Features and Benefits

Rated at 3GHz - meets  SMPTE 424M specifications for HD patching 
• DIN 1.0 / 2.3 rear termination
• Screw in jack design withstands vibration in mobile applications
• Based on the proven, reliable patented technology of our MVJ Series of HD video jacks
• Avalable in 75 Ohm terminated, non-terminated, normalled and non-normalled
• Available in 1RU (2x48), 1.5RU (2x48 or 4x48), and 2RU (2x48 or 4x48)

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