Harsh Environment Connectivity Solutions

Dual Longframe Jack Block

Dual-Jax Blocks are ideal where limited jack connections are needed but larger jack panels are not required. Designed for broadcasting, intercom and PA systems, switchboards, and commercial, industrial and military communications equipment. Dual-Jax Blocks mount in panels or chassis, either singularly or in multiples. Four countersunk holes accommodate four #8-32 screws (not supplied) for block mounting. Blocks can be supplied without jacks, or with MT-Jax® installed. Many other jacks including, T-Jax®, T-Switch® switches and lamp jacks can be installed. Jacks with wire-wrapping terminals or offset lugs can also be supplied. By drilling additional holes, Twin-Jax® may also be used. Contact Switchcraft® for any special order items.


Block: Molded black thermoplastic.

Screws: #6-20 plated steel, QQ-P-416, Type II, Class 2 (for jack mounting).

Mounting Screws: #6-20, P1544, can be ordered separately, contact Switchcraft.