Harsh Environment Connectivity Solutions

TT Twin Molded Patch Cords, 2 conductor

4-conductor shielded cable with a pair of 3-conductor phone plug fingers molded to each end. Circuits are wired tip-to-tip and ring-to-ring. Sleeve circuits are common and attached to shield. Flexible handles permit self-alignment by compensation for any variation of jack mounting centers. Custom lengths, colors and materials are available, please contact Switchcraft® Customer Service with your request.


Cable: Plastic jacket, cadmium bronze or copper (x suffix designates copper) conductors, braided shield.
Jacket color: gray. Other colors available on special order.
Plugs: Tip Rod, Ring and Sleeve - Copper alloy.
Handle: Molded thermoplastic. Handle color: gray. Other colors available (on special order for TT100, TT140, TT160).